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Wix Devcon 2022: Blocks, SPI's and GIT

Joris Borgers

Written By

Joris Borgers

New York City, United States

Joris likes to travel all over the world. He loves the latest developments in coding. He finds it exciting to find the best solution for clients. Realising the best solution in cooperation with the World of Wix specialists is Joris at his best.

On September 7th and 8th, had its first developer conference. It was packed with information and new feature announcements. In this article, I will summarize all the information and showcase how the Wix website creation process has been revolutionized.

Table of contents:

1. Wix Blocks - develop, build and reuse everywhere. 2. Wix E-commerce SPI's - get complete control over Wix store and Wix Bookings. 3. GIT integration - allow multiple programmers to collaborate on one project.

Wix Blocks

Wix Blocks allows you to create an element in an Editor X environment and then use them on all of your Wix websites. You can add front-end and back-end code to the block. You can even add collections and utilize the typical Velo APIs like you are developing directly on a website. The design is completely customizable on every website so it fits with the corporate design of the website the block get's added to. If you are signed up for the beta you can try it out on

TLDR: Code and design an element once, then you can use it on all your websites.

Full announcement video:

Wix E-commerce SPI's

The new E-commerce SPI's allow for new levels of customization that have previously been impossible.

What's an SPI?

SPI is short for serial peripheral interface, but that still doesn't really explain it. Traditionly Velo has only offered API's. When you call one of the API's you would send a message to the wix system to ask the wix system to do something. For example add a product to the users cart.

A SPI basically turns the communication direction around, instead of your website asking the wix systems to do something the wix systems ask your website what they should do.

This gives Velo developers way more control and freedom.

What SPI's have been announced?
  1. Calculate additional fees Developers can now easily add additional fees that are based on factors not part of the standard wix logic.

  2. Get catalog items Developers can now easily add products that are not stored within the standard wix store.

  3. Custom shipping rates Developers can now easily add custom shipping rates logic, for example by distance or remaining stock.

Full announcement video:

GIT(HUB) Integration

You can now easily mange your Editor X website's code with GIT. This allows developers to work in their own IDE and teams of developers to work together on one project in the industry standard way, with GIT and/or Github.

Full announcement video:

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