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Velo coding company
Javascript coding

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If you have an idea or requirement that is not possible in Wix or Editor X by default, please contact the Velo experts of World of Wix. Our experts will add the extra tool or functionality you have always dreamed of. Get the most out of your website and start using code.

Integrate tools and service

Velo by Wix does not only allow you to add code to the front end of your Wix website but also enables a Node.js server. This means we can create complex web applications with backend functions and API calls to 3rd party services. Websites like: Twitter, Spotify, and GitHub all use a Node.js server as their backend. Because Node.js is so widely used many API's are specifically optimized for Node.js which greatly reduces development times.

Velo Partner

Database management

We believe your customers should be able to find exactly what they need in a matter of seconds. Now initially this might be quickly done. But as you start expanding and growing you might need to start using databases and search functionalities. We can help you by creating complex search functionality and easy-to-update databases.

Wix offers an easy-to-use content manager that allows you to efficiently update and manage content without going into the editor. With the content manager, you take back control over your own website. Need to add a new client case? No problem, with the content manager and dynamic pages that's done within 5 minutes.

Let's make your idea reality

From creating a custom online learning experience to adding a simple calculation or interaction. The possibilities are truly endless.


Traditionally when creating a web application you would need a designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, and a security expert who makes sure the correct updates and security patches are done. At Word of Wix we believe that those days are over, by using Wix and other 3rd party integrations there's no need for all that. Just let us know what you want and we will make it happen. 

API integration

API integration

Exchange information data between different software systems

Custom forms

Custom forms

Custom forms to collect visitor info and create engagement on your site

Custom coding

Custom coding

We will add the extra tool or functionality you have always dreamed of

Custom Apps

Custom Apps

We can support you with the development of a custom App for Wix

Tell me more about coding

Big project or small, we’d love to talk about coding.

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Best of both Worlds in 1 package!

The All in one solution to grow your business and a brand new website every 2 years, completely free of charge.

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Wix Marketplace partner
Wix Marketplace partner
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